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We want to hear from you!

Local authorities across greater Lincolnshire want to know how you use social media and where you get your news, so that we can best communicate with you.

The latest County Views citizen’s panel survey aims to see how you consume social, digital, print and broadcast media. So, whether you’re a subscriber to a national newspaper, or prefer to get your news from Instagram, we’d like to hear from you.

The survey is available now on  and runs until 17 August 2022.

To complete the survey, you’ll need to be registered for the County Views panel.  The panel is open to anyone who lives in greater Lincolnshire; simply join for free now and you’ll be asked to take part in three simple online surveys a year, the results of which help shape council services.

Make a difference - join the County Views panel and take the survey today! 

Register online at:  

Or call: 01522 782116